Fresh Ideas for Adding Flavour to your Water

By   Eucalyptus VC


While some of us really enjoy drinking plain water, others may find it more challenging, but it’s the essential liquid nutrient for staying hydrated.  Water is important for the structure of many of our body’s cells, it carries nutrients and waste products, and it is essential for regulating our body temperature.  Maintaining the balance of water within our body is a very precise process – if we lose as little as 1% of our body’s water, this will usually be corrected within 24 hours.  On average, we should be drinking around 1.5L of water per day – but more if it’s hot and when we’re engaging in physical activity.

Your thirst offers a good sign that you need to drink, but instead of waiting until you’re thirsty why not plan ahead to stay well-hydrated.  Fill your Jenny Craig drink bottle in the morning, and then again after lunch – keeping it on hand throughout the day gives you the perfect opportunity to have your hydration needs covered.  Some subtle flavouring can encourage you to drink even more than you might naturally be inclined to.

Stay hydrated with these delicious infused-water combinations:

  • Apple, ginger and carrot (peel long strips of carrot so it curls in the water)
  • Pineapple, cucumber and mint
  • Red apple, strawberry, lemon and mint
  • Watermelon, kiwifruit and lime
  • Raspberry and ginger
  • Blueberry and lemon
  • Green apple, cucumber and lemon
  • Ginger and lemon
  • Strawberry and lime
  • Or why not give yourself some of the anti-oxidant benefits of tea. Green tea or white tea are delicious with lemon or ginger added to the boiling water.  Allow a teabag to steep in a teacup for a few minutes with either a slice of fresh lemon or ginger, then transfer the liquid to your water bottle, top up with cold water, add some ice cubes and enjoy.
  • Herbal teas also make a refreshing cool drink. For some beautiful bright colour, why not try butterfly pea or rosehip tea.  Allow a spoonful of tea, or a teabag, to steep in a teacup for a few minutes, then transfer the liquid to your water bottle, top up with cold water, add some ice cubes.  Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to your butterfly tea and watch the colour change from deep purple to the vivid uplifting colour of pink.
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