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Meet Melissa Now

As a busy working mum of three children under 4 years, to say my needs, and in particular...

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Meet Leesa Now

My whole life my weight has been a struggle. Being a full time...

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Meet Brendan Now

The moment I realised I needed to do something was when my clothes stopped fitting...

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Meet Kate Now

I used to tell myself I looked fine, and that I was happy with what I saw in the mirror...

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Meet Nicole Now

My life was working and eating junk food and not caring about what food I was...

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Meet Simone Now

I am a mother of 5 so life is very busy. I had become so overweight I stopped looking...

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Meet Jane Now

I had lost a lot of weight before, and then put it all back on plus 8kgs, in 6 years...

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Meet Ben Now

I moved to New Zealand from the UK in 2003 where I had been playing semi-professional rugby...

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Meet Lynley Now

We run a very chaotic little world, with our family. We have three kids under six...

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Meet Karin Now

I came to Jenny Craig because I felt totally out of control with my eating and I was not sure...

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Meet Gareth Now

Over the last couple of years I had slowly put on a few more kilos than I would have liked to...

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Meet Graham Now

Before Jenny Craig I was enjoying life a little too much, by eating whatever I liked, whenever I liked...

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