Briannan loves the positive support from her Consultant

By   Eucalyptus VC


Centre: Traralgon Vic
Weight Loss: 21kgs
Time Frame: 21 Weeks

Briannan’s first goal weight was 85kg – she has smashed this goal and is now aiming for 65kg!


What was life like before you joined Jenny Craig?

Life was all about food! Food that was unhealthy and addictive. I was in a routine of eating because it was there. I would have lots of naps because I was tired and just felt really unmotivated all the time. I was big, unfit and not able to move properly. I was also struggling with mental health (anxiety).


Why did you decide to join the Jenny Craig program??

Just after I got engaged, a friend had recently joined Jenny Craig and was getting Jenny Craig food delivered while I was visiting her at home. Being able to see the meals, made me go ‘wow, this could really help me too’! She then explained how the program worked and I was really surprised and inspired. It all sounded amazing, I then got in contact with Jenny Craig a couple of days later.


What is your favourite thing about the Jenny Craig program?

The one on one interaction between the Consultant and myself, I love the little catch up at weigh in. They help and guide me along the menu for the next week, if there is anything you don’t like you can select something different which keeps it interesting and the program doesn’t get boring. The food is great, I love the little snacks, it doesn’t feel like I’m on a diet!


Did you have any challenges whilst on the program?

The program has been really easy to follow, all my experiences have been positive, that is the joy of Jenny Craig! I have not had any challenges or problems through my journey. Jenny Craig is the best choice I made!

Jenny Craig is the best choice I made!


How would you describe your Jenny Craig Consultant?

The consultants at Traralgon are really engaged and interested in my progress. They share my success amongst each other and can’t wait to see the results unravel. They provide a very professional, warm and inviting environment and relationship with myself. Their positiveness and support each and every week is incredible.

Their positiveness and support each and every week is incredible.


What had been your friends and family’s reaction to your weight loss?

My friends, family and work colleges have been very supportive and proud of my success! Lots of positive comments, congratulating me and excited to hear all about my loss. Comments like “You look happy” “Keep kicking those goals” “I’m beyond happy for you and so so proud of how dedicated you have been, you’re killing it”.

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