Claire’s Coach made the 31kg weight loss journey feel easier

By   Eucalyptus VC


before and after photo of woman on a weight loss program

Claire found her Jenny Craig coach made the weight loss feel so much easier.

Centre: Coorparoo

Weight Loss: 31kg


Tell us a bit about you and what life was like before you joined Jenny Craig.

I’ve always been very shy and creative, and I feel like I was being held back due to my weight.

Before I started Jenny Craig, I also had a lot of habits that I couldn’t break when it came to my relationship with food and how much I ate. I had tried many other diets in the past, but they all exhausted me or didn’t help in the long run and I’d give up and all the weight would flood back.


Why did you decide to join Jenny Craig?

My mum booked both of us a consult and I hesitantly went. I was initially unsure if Jenny Craig was something I wanted to do, but after the first consult I felt as if it were something that would work. It felt like something I could fit in with my work and university schedules without slipping up.


Can you describe your experience on the Jenny Craig program?

With all of the meals you’re given for the week, fitting in 3 meals a day was super easy, no need to worry about taking a lot of time to put a meal together. I have to say that a lot of the food is delicious. I’m personally very fond of the Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni, you can’t go wrong with it.


Jenny Craig’s meal plans help a lot when it comes to fitting in all the food groups. You can still have chips and pasta without feeling guilty for it.

There’s so much variety on the menu that there’s something for every person.


Tell us about your Jenny Craig Coach?

My coach has made the weight loss feel so much easier. Having someone to talk to can really motivate you and you can always get some different advice from them if there’s something in particular you struggle with.

My coach always pushed that you shouldn’t worry about treating yourself from time to time, and it’s not an immediate failure if one day you eat more than the menu tells you to. Just pick back up on it the following day, don’t beat yourself up over it.


How do you feel now that you’ve lost the weight?

I just feel amazing and nothing but amazing! I don’t get as anxious just being out and about around other people. I don’t have that feeling of “taking up too much space”.

It’s very freeing and I feel like I can do everything I did before and even more. I generally feel more confident in myself and other people have noticed that.



Do you have a standout moment on the Jenny Craig program you’d like to share?

The standout moment really is when your weight loss is noticeable. Seeing that change in yourself you’ve been looking for gives you such a positive rush.


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