Hannah Ferrier lost 11kg^ with Jenny Craig

By   Eucalyptus VC


How does it feel to be at your goal weight and what milestones did you have on your journey that you are most proud and excited about?

It feels so amazing to now be at my goal weight and so great to chat to my consultant about maintaining it! I think when I lost 7.3 kgs in my first four weeks, it really motivated me to keep going! Once the weight started coming off and I could see the results I just pushed harder to stay on track!

How did you find the Max Up program?

The great thing with Max Up is it’s not just food, you’re looking at intermittent fasting, food, hydration, exercise and working on your mind with your coach. I found that combining all of them together was amazing. I’ve always drunk three litres of water a day but adding in the activity bands, the food and the coach helped me lose the weight.

What physical activity were you doing, if any, before starting Jenny Craig and how did it increase throughout your weight loss journey?

I am a really active person in general. Between my 18-month-old baby and running a business and house I am always on the move! I started using the Jenny Craig activity bands and found them great as I could do it in front of the TV at night!

Tell us about your Jenny Craig coach and the role they played in your journey?

I found my Jenny Craig Coach to be amazing! Having someone to hold you accountable once a week was the best thing for me because I am inherently a bit of a people pleaser. So, showing up every week and just having Caroline go, “Oh my gosh, so happy with you”. I was like, yay! She was integral to my success.

What are you looking forward to that you couldn’t do before losing weight with Jenny Craig?

I am so excited to be back in my pre-Ava wardrobe! It was a hard 2.5 years looking at all my beautiful clothes and knowing I couldn’t wear them!

What has been the best thing about Jenny Craig?

I found once I had my daughter Ava, I was reaching for my phone nightly to order food in because once you put a baby down at seven o’clock, the last thing you want to do is go and spend an hour in the kitchen. So, one of the best things about Jenny Craig is the convenience.  It gets delivered to your door once a week you pop it in the freezer, take it out as needed, and it just makes your life so much easier. It was perfect for me.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone at the start of their weight loss journey, what would it be?

My advice to women would be just do it! You get the results; you feel amazing and every woman deserves to feel the best she can possibly feel. It’s not about the before or the after, it’s about the sense of identity and confidence you feel throughout the process.

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