Jason And Becy Owen Have Lost A Combined Total Of 42kg With Jenny Craig

By   Eucalyptus VC


Jason Owen and Becy Owen

Jason, and Becy, together you have lost over 40kg with Jenny Craig! How are you both feeling?

Jason – Now that I’ve lost 29kg, I feel so much better within myself. I have so much more energy and it’s completely changed my mindset. Losing weight is obviously an amazing thing for my career, but also for my life, my wife and my baby.

Becy – Jenny Craig was so great because I lost weight every single week. I just stuck to the program and the weight came off naturally.

How important has it been for both of you to be on your Weight Loss journey together?

Jason – It’s been amazing having Becy on the journey with me. We have so much support for each other and I’m so proud of Becy and how far she’s come on her Weight Loss journey.

Becy – It has been incredible for us as a couple, we used to spend way too much time deciding what to have for dinner each night and would often end up ordering take away multiple nights a week. It’s been great supporting each other on a daily basis, noticing the differences in each other. Whenever I’m stuck on the couch feeding Lyla it is so simple for Jason to get my Jenny Craig meal ready and it makes it stress free for me!

What motivated you both to start this journey? Did you have an ‘aha’ moment when you decided to join Jenny Craig?

Jason – I was back on the road touring after two years of not performing due to the global pandemic and I was doing a show up in Newcastle. A fan took a photo of me on stage and sent it to me and I just said, “that can’t be me!”. I couldn’t believe it. I had to make a change. The first thing I did was reach out to Jenny Craig. I knew I needed support as I’ve tried to lose weight so many times before and had no success and Jenny Craig has honestly changed my life.

Becy – Having a new baby all my focus has been on her making sure she is fed, happy and healthy which if you’ve had a newborn, you know it’s an around the clock job, with the influence of Jenny Craig I have been able to have a healthy balanced diet and have felt so well looked after as-well.

What have you learnt on your Weight Loss journey?

Jason – When you’re trying to lose weight on your own, we automatically crash diet. We do it the wrong way. I thought it was normal, but it wasn’t and joining Jenny Craig helped me to make healthier choices that then helped me lose weight, it’s just it’s been a godsend.

Becy – Jenny Craig was so helpful. Having our meals planned out and all our meals were able to be prepared in under 10 minutes makes like a lot simpler.

How have you found having a coach to support you on your journey?

Jason – My coach Louise has been absolutely amazing, I couldn’t have done it without her. Louise has taught me about portion control, healthy choices, and just the fact that I’ve got her on the phone whenever I need her is great. Louise helps me make better choices, especially when I’m on the road.

Becy – We love seeing our coach each week. She helps keep you keep on track because she understands us  and she understands the day to day.

What Are Your Favourites From The Jenny Craig Menu?

Jason – I love the Chicken Parma, it’s my definitely my favourite meal. I also love the Beef Pie and Beef Sausage Roll.

Becy – I have so many! The Malty Grain, Pancakes, Spaghetti Bolognese and Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni!

What Would You Say To Others Thinking About Starting Jenny Craig?

Jason – If I could give one piece of advice, I would say go and do it for yourself! I’ve struggled a lot with weight over the years, I’ve tried other diets but nothing’s worked for me like Jenny Craig.

Becy – I would absolutely say go for it! It’s such an easy plan to stick to with delicious food and it makes weight loss enjoyable. I would recommend the Jenny Craig program to any new Mum. It helps you have your meals planned out and it frees up time for you to spend with your family.

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