Jason Owen 6 Months On From Reaching His Goal

By   Eucalyptus VC


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Jason Owen joined Jenny Craig in 2022 and lost an impressive 29kg! We checked in with Jason 6 months on from reaching his weight loss goal.


How have you found maintaining your weight since losing 29kg with the help of Jenny Craig?

My coach and the team at my local Jenny Craig centre at Erina have made my journey maintaining my weight so easy.

Starting maintenance, I guess, is never easy as you aren’t necessarily sticking to a complete meal plan. But my coach Louise has helped me choose good options while out touring and she has taught me so much about food portions which I think is the key to maintaining.

For me, it can be hard to get in to see my coach in person as much as I would like as I spend a lot of my time on the road working and on tour. But when I’m home, I try and get in at least every couple of weeks just to make sure things are still going ok. But more so, it’s good to chat to my coach about what’s coming up and what situations I might be in which always helps me make good choices.


What did you learn about yourself while on your weight loss journey?

Losing weight is one of the hardest things for anyone to achieve as it takes a lot of motivation and belief within yourself. There are a lot of habits we may have had beforehand that we have to change in order to lose weight. What I learnt about myself is that I can achieve anything if I can lose 29kgs.


“Jenny Craig made it a lot easier for me, no doubt, but weight loss is still a big journey and the journey changed my life.”


What is your favourite thing about being a part the Jenny Craig family?

I love showing people that anything is possible, and that Jenny Craig can make it even more possible and easier to achieve. I’m very honoured to be part of the Jenny family and will be forever grateful for the opportunity they have given me in helping change my life.


What advice would you give people who are nearing their weight loss goal and being able to maintain it long-term?

For me, I sat back and took notice of what I was eating while I was on the Jenny Craig program. I think it helped to see what I was able to eat during the program while losing the weight and basing my maintenance plan around that.


Looking back on your journey, did you accomplish what you set out to?

Yes, I sure did! Before Jenny Craig, my life was in a big slump and I was very insecure about myself at the time which affected my career also. I didn’t want to be seen the way I looked as I was embarrassed.

Losing 29kgs with Jenny Craig has completely turned my life around 360 degrees mentally and physically, well I now walk up to 8kms a day and have never felt better.


How has Jenny Craig changed the way you approach everyday meals?

Jenny Craig taught me how to make the best choices in different situations!! It’s so important to enjoy life and social gatherings but always remind yourself what you have had to eat or drink to make sure you don’t over indulgence, especially too often.

We also used to eat a lot of take away but now have meat and vegetables or salads. Meals which we never used to eat at home and it just makes life so much more easier making those better decisions for us as a family.


Your wife, Bec, also did Jenny Craig – what is it like doing the program with her?

Bec and I have supported each other all along our journeys and I think it’s been the best thing that’s happened to us both really. Both of us have struggled with insecurity at times and I think having changed our image and health we both are much happier in our lives in general.

There is nothing better than achieving milestones with the ones you love I’m very proud of her. We couldn’t recommend it enough that people should join together as it certainly makes the journey a lot easier also.


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