Jules Robinson lost 20kg^ on Rapid Results Max!

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Tell us about why you chose to partner with Jenny Craig?

Before Jenny Craig, I felt like I was in such a rut, being a new mum, you’re so busy, and I just I needed to make some time for myself. I’d forgotten what it felt like to be the old me again.
When I chose to start Jenny Craig, I was so ready to make this point in my life about me and feeling like me again. I also wanted to fit into my old wardrobe again too!

The convenience and support were key for me. Jenny Craig suits me and my busy lifestyle perfectly. To be really honest, I needed some help. I needed something that was easy for me, food that could be delivered to my door and having someone to guide me through the process, meant that I got the results. It is so easy to follow. I literally get my menu, I eat the delicious food, add my fruit and vegetables to it and I get results. It’s as simple as that.

How did you find having a personal coach?

I love being accountable by having my weekly check in with my coach. I did my own weigh ins and measurements at home during lockdown, but it definitely helped keep me on track chatting to my coach every week and telling her how I am and how I’ve been getting on. My coach is amazing, I check in every week with her and she keeps me on track to reach my goals. She keeps me really motivated and focused, its just such a great partnership.

During lockdown I was able to stay on track, I was able to have my weekly food delivered and had my weekly catch ups with my coach over the phone. Having my coach there every week to chat to really helped, it made me accountable even without seeing her in person. Having access to a coach is a big part of why I chose to partner with Jenny Craig. I love checking in with my coach, she is fabulous and has become a real friend to me.

You were the first to try Rapid Results Max, how did you find it?

I was lucky enough to start my journey before lockdown so was able to establish a bit of a routine with my coach and my weekly plans. In the first four weeks of being on Rapid Results Max, I lost 6.6 kg, honestly this came really easily so it is what kept me motivated going into lockdown.

The daily routine I started with Rapid Results Max has continued even after lockdown has lifted, it’s just become my way of life. I love it. It truly has changed my relationship with food. The Recharge Bar is so delicious, it’s convenient and it’s become part of my every day. I start every day with the Recharge Bar after fasting for 12 hours, then I’ll eat breakfast two hours later. Now I am out and about more lunch is often on the run but once I am home and have put my son to bed, I’ll have dinner and start my rejuvenation period. I have a routine down pat now.

How do you feel now, having reached your goal?

It feels amazing! I feel so much healthier now, and I feel so much stronger. I feel like I stand taller, I’ve got more energy for myself, for my family and for my day to day life. I live such a busy lifestyle, having more energy now, means I can get even more done. I’ve also always had a dream to be my best shape at 40 and I am excited to reach this milestone in 2022! I’m really loving rediscovering my favourite dresses, especially now that lockdown has lifted.

I feel so good having reached my goal I don’t want to stop! I’m still following the weekly menu on Rapid Results Max and am more motivated than ever to continue into maintaining my new weight which we all know can be the hardest part!

Do you have any tips for others on their own weight loss journeys?

If like me, you just need that little bit of help to kickstart your health goals for the new year,
then start Jenny Craig It’s just so easy to follow and the food is really yummy as well. What have you got to lose? You just need to start, just one day, just one, do that one day, feel the change, become the change and you will see the difference.

start your journey now

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On Rapid Results Max, Members lost an average of 6 kgs in the first 4 weeks!#