Krystie loved every moment on the program

By   Eucalyptus VC


Centre: Pakenham, VIC
Weight loss: 18kg


What life was like before Jenny Craig?
Life before Jenny Craig was free form, I did what I want, I certainly didn’t have great habits in relation to my food or anything like that. I just enjoyed my life and did my thing and I still enjoy it now, just a bit more structured.

What inspired you to join Jenny Craig?
For me, my friends and my family had been encouraging me for a long time and I just felt like at some point I needed to make that decision for my own health and well being.

Tell us about the start of your journey?
My journey on Jenny Craig started around my 29th birthday, I decided that it was time to look towards the future and what might come around the corner with 30 so close.

What did you want to achieve by the time you turned 30?
I wanted to have a great party for my 30th and to dance the night away! I wanted to know that I was confident to do that and to wear a nice outfit that made me feel great with my friends and family.

What are some of the highlights being on the Jenny Craig program?
I really enjoy the convenience, it’s very easy to come home from work and prepare my dinner then enjoy my time at home and just relax into the evening.

Have there been any challenges along the way?
I’ve had some events where I’ve had to be prepared and eat before I go. But that’s just a small change in habit and not anything major for me.

What do you like about the Jenny Craig food?
I like the convenience. There’s no major preparation or planning that I have to do, I just know that it’s going to be there when I get home and I can just continue with my day that was planned all along. I love the variety and even the fact it includes some of the things I would’ve considered perhaps naughty from my past lifestyle. I was surprised that a lot of the Jenny Craig meals incorporate pasta and bread, I felt that that was going to be one of my weaknesses or the things that I might miss out on but there was plenty of that still on the menu.

I love the variety.

How did you find having a Consultant?
I really enjoy having a Consultant, it keeps me accountable and that’s really important. I needed to have someone who could tell me if I’d gone off track and how to fix it.  She’s been really helpful and supportive and hasn’t criticized me along the way so I’ve been really well looked after.

Since joining the program how has life changed?
Greatly. My confidence in the clothes I wear and the activities I partake in, I did run for the kids and yeah found that wanting to do it and knowing that I could do it was a real achievement for me.

What impact has the program had on your life?
It has changed my outlook and my confidence and to take on new tasks. I’ve got involved in fitness activities and I’ve had friends’ birthdays to go to that I’ve actually wanted to get on the dance floor and have a great night because I’m not so scared to get out there and show true myself.

It has changed my outlook and my confidence and to take on new tasks.

What types of activities are you now being involved with that you couldn’t before?
I managed to get back on the water ski’s this summer! There have been a few years where I’ve been too heavy to pull myself out of the water and this year I got back up on the ski and I was so proud of myself and I can’t wait again for summers fast approaching so I can do it all over again.

Does Jenny Craig work?
Jenny Craig absolutely works. I have loved every moment of being on the program and I would absolutely recommend it to anybody because I’m super impressed with the outcome.

I have loved every moment of being on the program.

What would you tell someone about Jenny Craig?
I would say don’t think it, just do it, just walk in the office, just make that call, go and meet your Consultant. You just need to be brave and jump in there and do it because it’s a wonderful experience.

What inspired you to share your story?
I’m just super proud of what I’ve achieved on Jenny Craig and I think that if anyone can see me, a real person who goes to work, comes home, eats dinner, someone that goes about life can do it then you can too!

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