Maintenance Clients Check In

By   Eucalyptus VC


To celebrate Mel B maintaining her weight loss for 10 years, we checked in with some of our other maintenance clients to find out their secrets to how they stay on track and maintain a healthy lifestyle:

How much did you lose on Jenny Craig and how long have you maintained this weight for

    Neil – I lost over 40kgs and I’ve been on the maintenance program for over 4 years now and still feeling great.

    Tennille – I lost 13kg and I’ve maintained this for over 9 years now.

    Alex – I lost 28 kilograms and have managed to maintain this weight for around a year.

    What is your secret to maintaining your weight loss?

    Neil I get my Jenny Craig lunches and snacks, and the reason I still get lunches is it keeps me out of the cafes, bakeries and takeaways etc. If I do have a cheat day I always make sure I exercise the next day which is generally mountain biking.

    Tennille – It’s no secret, it’s simply following the Jenny Craig maintenance program with my own food, coming in for monthly weigh ins and chats with my coach. And if the weight started to creep back on, I’d would go back on the weight loss program. It’s a real balance with life’s up and downs, but the beauty of the program is you can go on whenever you need and lose those extra kilos if they creep on. 

    Alex – My secret to maintaining my weight is having balance, not being too hard on myself and being prepared. I stick to my Jenny Craig maintenance plan 90% of the time and when it comes to enjoying a meal outside the plan I make sure I stick to the portion sizes and order heaps of delicious greens and veg. These are all great habits that being on Jenny Craig taught me. Also, I’ve found that being prepared is key. Ordering my meals in advance and preparing my salads and fruit portions for the week really sets me up for success.

    How regularly do you chat with your Jenny Craig coach?

    Neil – I go into the Jenny Craig centre every 2 weeks to catch up with my coach and collect my Jenny Craig lunches and snacks.

    Tennille – Well funnily enough, now I work with her. My passion for the Jenny Craig program meant I ended up becoming a coach myself. I love sharing everything I learnt in my own weight loss journey, knowing the challenges, and seeing people achieving their own goals is so rewarding.

    Alex – I place an order weekly, so one of the lovely ladies from the Jenny Craig Frankston team always checks in and sees how I’m going and leaves a sweet motivational note in my order when it gets delivered.

    What have you been enjoying most since reaching your weight loss goal?

    Neil – I’ve got 2 granddaughters now and my goal is see both of them turn 21 so exercising and keeping my nutrition right with the help from Jenny Craig, I’m on the right side of achieving my goals. Since I’ve achieved my weight loss goal I am able to wear nice clothes and I get good comments from people I haven’t seen for few years. The body aches aren’t as bad and just having more energy which I’m going to need for the grandkids!

    Tennille – My confidence is the main achievement; I feel comfortable in my own skin. I feel proud that I’m being the best version of myself, being able to physically keep up with my two boys who are always on the go. 

    Alex – Since reaching my weight loss goal I’ve been enjoying being more active, energetic and confident. I love surfing and losing 28kgs made it a lot easier to enjoy that hobby. I became more agile and my fitness increased which made being out in the water a lot more fun.


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