Michael lost 32kg with Jenny Craig!

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Centre: Modbury

Weight Loss: 32kg

What moment made you want to contact Jenny Craig?

I saw myself from a different angle. I was in my shop, and I was changing my shirt, I have a security camera that got me from a different angle, and I looked at the screen and was like “am I really that big? Really? Is it that wide?” It was like “wow, I can’t believe that”, I saw how huge I was getting, and I needed help.

I saw a Jenny Craig ad on TV, and I said… “it’s got to work, it’s working for others, it must be able to work for me”, so I ended up that next day phoning up and saying, “I need to find a way to fix this”. You know I didn’t even think I would get through the first few weeks, I’m here now and lost 32 kilos! I feel fantastic, I feel really light on my feet, energetic, happy motivated, and just healthy.

What role did your Jenny Craig Coach play in your journey?

Just having the Coach able to be there every week. They’re there to help prompt you along and check in. “How’d you go for the week? Did you do your exercises? Did you drink your water? Can we put anything in which will make it better?”

They have been really, really helpful, if I didn’t have the Coach, there is no way that I could do this, I needed that constant support through the program. They are really good as your mentor and as a person that will be there when you need them, and my Coach said “. If you’re ever having a problem or having a struggle, just give us a phone call.”

What would you say to other men in your position? To men who think Jenny Craig is not for guys, but want to make a change?

Realistically, I thought that too, about it not being for men, but then I realised they have male success stories.

I wanted to be a success story and I thought “well I must be able to do this too.” Jenny Craig is for everybody, not just for women. There are good hearty meals for men. There are lovely full meals you can enjoy. It makes you look good too. Now, I feel really confident and happy.

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