Tennille Lost 13kg with Jenny Craig!

By   Eucalyptus VC


Centre: Moonee Ponds

Weight Loss: 13kg

How much did you lose on Jenny Craig and how long have you maintained this weight for?

I lost 13kg with Jenny Craig and I’ve maintained this for over 9 years now.

What is your secret to maintaining your weight loss?

It’s no secret, its simply following the Jenny Craig maintenance program with my own food, coming in for monthly weigh ins and chats with my coach. And if the weight started to creep back on, I’d would go back on the weight loss program. It’s a real balance with life’s up and downs, but the beauty of the program is you can go on whenever you need and lose those extra kilos if they creep on.

What have you been enjoying most since reaching your weight loss goal?

My confidence is the main achievement, I feel comfortable in my own skin. I feel proud that I’m being the best version of myself, being able to physically keep up with my two boys who are always on the go.

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