A Day in the Life of a Jenny Craig Coach

By   Eucalyptus VC



A Jenny Craig Coach’s day typically starts with a team catch up to set up all of our Centre’s clients for success.

We review our bookings for the day and organise anything needed prior to their appointments. This can range anywhere between preparing food orders, to sourcing support materials personalized to each client’s needs.

After this, each day predominantly consists of our 15-20 minute in centre or over the phone coaching sessions with our clients. During a coaching session we’ll chat around the week the client has just had and any challenges they may be experiencing. We’ll work together on strategies to overcome these challenges. If the coaching session is in person, we’ll complete the client’s weigh in together as well as monthly measurements to track progress. We can also work on setting an activity plan to suit their lifestyle and goals and tailor their next week’s menu too.

Each coaching session is followed by preparing the client’s weekly food order to either take with them or have delivered at a convenient time. Throughout the day we will also prepare online or phone orders for Click and Collect and home delivery.  

Each day, we also meet with new and returning clients. We allow extra time for new clients or those returning after a long absence so that we can better understand the needs and goals of these clients to set them up for the best success!

When we are not in a coaching session, you’ll often find us on the phone making calls to check in on our clients to help motivate our members between their weekly appointments. This helps them feel supported and gives us the opportunity to offer any strategies and advice they may need before their next coaching session. We also take the time to reach out to clients who are currently in the maintenance phase of the program to see if there is any support, we can offer prior to their monthly coaching session.

Other times in centre are used for training sessions and team meetings to enhance our skills and knowledge with the most up to date information to best support our clients. As coaches, we’re all passionate about helping our clients to change their lives and self-development and further education plays a large role in ensuring our clients receive the valuable skills and knowledge needed to make lifelong change!

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