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How long have you been a Coach?

7 years.

How did you get started at Jenny Craig?

I have always known about Jenny Craig but when I moved to the ACT, I saw the Belconnen centre had a coach position available. One of my close friends was a coach so I knew they enjoyed it.

What drives you to work for Jenny Craig?

My passion to help people feel the best they have ever felt and make lifestyle changes which can change their lives.

What are you most passionate about in your role?

Some members don’t have a lot of support outside of the coaching session so providing that for them every step of the way is heartwarming for me. Knowing they are supported makes all the difference for our members.

What is the most heart warming moment you’ve experienced as a Jenny Craig coach?

I have so many moments that stand out that couldn’t choose just one. Times when clients reach their halfway or goal weight and just can’t believe they had the power to do it is incredible. Watching my team interact with members and the ongoing support and relationships are so inspiring.

How do you celebrate your clients’ wins?

The relationships that coaches form with members is very special and unique, especially if you have been with that member on their entire journey. We laugh together, we cry together and celebrate all the wins along the way.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Teaching members the skill power to feel the best they have ever felt and watching the amazing confidence transformation in each of them.

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