Emma is the Director of Nutrition and Product Development at Jenny Craig and has extensive experience working with food, nutrition and product development.

What is your background and qualifications?
I have a Bachelor of Food Science & Nutrition from Deakin University in Melbourne. I have extensive experience working in food, nutrition and product development for a range of food manufacturers, health food brands and quick service restaurants.

What is your role at Jenny Craig?
As the Director of Nutrition and Product Development, I’m responsible for ensuring the Jenny Craig program is in line with current research in nutrition and health, and the latest scientific evidence around healthy weight management. I’m also responsible for developing a range of Jenny Craig meals and snacks that are on trend, nutritious and most importantly, tasty!

How does your role impact weight loss?
I lead our team of talented dietitians to develop nutritionally balanced menu plans that support healthy and sustainable weight loss. Dietitians work with our field training team and coaches to ensure we deliver a program and resources that support weight management success, personal support and motivation plus an excellent member experience.

What drew you to working for Jenny Craig over other weight loss programs?
Jenny Craig isn’t a one size fits all program, it is tailored to individual needs and is about more than just weight loss. The relationship our members have with their coaches is a key pillar of success, members are supported through their weight management journey with a holistic approach food, body, and mind. Jenny Craig aims to set members up for long term success with an evidence-based approach that is constantly evolving to deliver an innovative program in line with current research.

What do you enjoy about your job?
I love the passion and energy at Jenny Craig, the teams in head office and in the field genuinely care about helping members on their journey to achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

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