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We combine the latest science with incredible chef-crafted meals and 1:1 weight loss coaching to help you lose 3X more weight than making dietary changes on your own.1

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What is intermittent fasting?

Max Up leverages the powerful science of circadian rhythm and intermittent fasting — eating smart during the day and taking a break at night.

Intermittent fasting, combined with being in sync with your natural circadian rhythm, can bring many health benefits, including positive effects on metabolism, appetite and weight management.

  • Metabolism
    Helps regulate your metabolism and supports your body’s ability to burn kilojoules more effectively.
  • Appetite
    Helps regulate appetite hormones to support you in best managing your weight.
  • Weight Management
    Eating less at night and more during the day allows the body to stay in sync with its natural circadian rhythm and burn kilojoules more effectively to enhance your weight management efforts.
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Why Should I Try Intermittent Fasting?

Max Up has been scientifically proven to help you lose weight faster with an easy-to- follow program leveraging the science of Circadian Rhythm and intermittent fasting. It is our newest, most effective program yet that empowers you to change your life.

In our study, the average weight loss was 6.9kg in the first 4 weeks for those who completed the Max Up program.

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What is Jenny Craig’s Intermittent Fasting Plan?

Max Up is proven to help you lose weight faster with an easy-to-follow, structured program that empowers you to build healthy habits for life.

Max Up leverages a 14:10 eating patten, or intermittent fasting where you nourish your body over a 10-hour period and rest and rejuvenate for 14 hours. During this 14-hour rejuvenation period, you’ll take a break from consuming food and drinks with energy (or kilojoules).

Not only does Max Up include meal plans created by Accredited Practising Dietitians, it also includes an activity plan crafted by a personal trainer, the one-on-one support of your personal weight loss coach and digital tools to help you measure your success along the way.

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How does the Recharge Bar fit into a Day on Max Up?

Our delicious Recharge Bar is available exclusively to the Jenny Craig Max Up Program. Max Up leverages the powerful science of intermittent fasting — eating smart during the day and taking a break at night. Our revolutionary Recharge Bar, specially formulated to be high in fat, has been designed to support your intermittent fasting routine, and is incorporated into your day 12 hours after finishing your evening meal.

The Recharge Bar is made from a premium blend of nuts - almonds, macadamias and pecans with a touch of honey. Nuts can provide many health benefits, as part of a balanced diet, and may have positive influences on heart health, brain health and inflammation and weight management.

  • What are the Benefits of Intermittent Fasting?
  • Planning the fasting period to coincide with your natural circadian rhythms may be helpful. The circadian rhythm theory assumes that physiological processes in the body occur at the most beneficial times. We know – because we’ve seen it in shift workers – that dysregulation of this system can increase the risk of chronic diseases. One example relevant to intermittent fasting is that the body has lower insulin levels later in the day. Late dinners are associated with higher blood sugar levels when compared to daytime meals. This is because the body’s response to glucose (sugar) is slower when insulin levels are lower. Eating when more insulin is available can optimise your blood sugar levels and, in the long term, reduce your risk of developing diabetes.

    So what are the other possible benefits of intermittent fasting? The evidence is emerging. Results have been seen in animals that suggest intermittent fasting might improve your gut microbiome, your total cholesterol levels, your glucose and insulin levels and your immune health. It may even alter – for the better – tumour growth factors and cancer risk. It could even help you to sleep better, maintain more youthful skin cells and preserve memory.

  • Can I Do Intermittent Fasting Without Making Any Other Changes?
  • If you’re fasting but making up for the lost calories by consuming more food at other times, you’re unlikely to see significant results. TRE may be an easier regime for you to adopt than long periods of fasting, with the eating window being long enough to reduce the feelings of deprivation. Evidence shows that extending the fast beyond 12 hours by delaying breakfast does not lead to eating more at lunch time, nor does it lead to an increase in appetite later in the day.

    Fasting should be considered just one component of your overall approach to a more healthful lifestyle and managing your weight. Everyday behavioural changes involving reducing calorie intake through healthier choices and by following the Jenny Craig menu, as well as increasing your body’s energy expenditure through physical activity, are also important.

    We know that calorie restriction and intermittent fasting can lead to weight loss. It’s still to be confirmed whether all of the benefits suggested are attributable to fasting or just the resulting weight loss, but the key to achieving results is to embrace a strategy that works for you.

  • Is it difficult to stay motivated to continue an intermittent fasting regime?
  • Across the studies reviewed, adherence to the fasting regimes ranged from 77-98% which indicates good levels of motivation to follow the plan. We all know that it is difficult to make diet and lifestyle changes, and it can be even harder to stick with these changes over a longer period of time, so when it comes to intermittent fasting, there must be a number of influencing factors that encourage people to continue.

    Intermittent fasting reduces your Cardio Vascular disease risk, it helps to reduce insulin resistance, and most of the weight loss is fat loss. One study has even showed that participants reported improvements in sleep – so could these be the outcomes that motivate people? Well perhaps. Chances are, if you’re seeing weight loss results and you also have goals to improve your health, it’s a combination of these factors that will motivate you to continue.

  • Will I be hungry while following an intermittent fasting regime?
  • Studies generally show that hunger levels remain stable, or actually decrease during intermittent fasting.

    One 6-month study also showed more than 30% of the participants felt increased levels of positive mood and self-confidence, plus less depression – so if you thought you might be cranky because you’re hungry – these results offer confidence that it’s not likely to be the case.

  • Will I be able to continue intermittent fasting beyond the first few weeks?
  • The evidence tells us that maintaining a shortened daily eating window of around 10 hours, with a fasting window of around 14 hours is realistic and manageable over an extended period of time. The best way to alter your daily schedule to accommodate this restricted eating period is through delaying morning meals and bringing evening meals and snacks to an earlier time. With the timing of kilojoule intake becoming more regular, skipping meals isn’t necessary.

  • I’m interested in trying intermittent fasting, so what’s the best way to try it?
  • The Jenny Craig Max Up Weight Loss Program incorporates this exciting new science-based innovation involving the body’s natural circadian rhythm, so the perfect place to start is here!

  • What is the Jenny Craig Max Up Weight Loss Program?
  • The Max Up Weight Loss Program consists of a meal plan created by registered dietitians (7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners and 7 Recharge Bars), an activity plan crafted by a personal trainer, the support of a personal weight loss coach and digital tools to help you measure your success along the way.

    Learn more about Max Up here

  • What ingredients are in the Jenny Craig Recharge Bar?
  • Our delicious Recharge Bar is made from a premium blend of nuts, including almonds, macadamias and pecans, with a touch of honey. Nuts are packed full of nutrients and it may surprise you that research suggests a diet containing nuts can help with healthy weight management! Why are almonds, macadamias and pecans used in our Recharge Bar? Here’s why!