Healthy Weight Loss Meals Delivered

According to some people, dieting is just a matter of eating less. While good in theory, such advice is only a partial representation of the truth and can negatively affect an individual’s weight loss attempt. Grazing solely on carrots and lettuce for example, might derive impressive results for a day or two, however, weight loss is a long-term strategy often needed to reverse years of physical neglect. Dramatic diets and radical fasting are often nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction to personal dissatisfaction, often resulting in radical weight fluctuations and culinary confusion. Not to mention, they are very bad for your overall health and wellbeing.

Healthy meals delivered by Jenny Craig are the time-tested, sensible alternative for people who are genuinely interested in losing weight and keeping it off. Weight loss with the assistance of highly trained Jenny Craig Consultants is about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle moving forward, including the addition of healthy food preparation knowledge once you have successfully completed your Jenny Craig weight loss meals plan. Your personalised weight loss meals can be delivered directly to your door, ready to heat and enjoy, allowing you to function as normal while feeling better with each passing week.

Are healthy meals delivered to my home freshly cooked?

All Jenny Craig ready-made meals are pre-cooked and ready to be heated and eaten. We employ the best chefs and Dietitians to ensure all meals are of a superior standard, both in quality and taste, while also giving you the option for ‘in-centre’ pickup or home delivery. Jenny Craig has been helping people lose weight since 1983, with a long history of successful weight loss transforming the lives of our members for the better. Weight loss and sensory dissatisfaction are not ideal, so we make every effort in helping you make personal food choices for your ultimate satisfaction. Our frozen and dry-stored menu items are second to none, and the proof of the pudding really is in the eating.

What variety of meals can I get delivered?

If you think diet foods are boring, repetitive and bland, it’s time to experience the Jenny Craig difference. With more than 70 menu items available, including desserts and snacks, Jenny Craig is a food-lovers weight loss revolution worth joining. Meals can be collected from one of our 104 Centres across Australia and New Zealand, or alternatively, convenient Jenny Craig meal delivery is on offer. In both cases, the full range of menu items is available, along with the opportunity to experience new culinary creations that are frequently added to our selections. Delicious meal and menu ideas include:

Breakfast: Cheese & Chive Omelette; fruit loaf; apple & cinnamon porridge; toasted berry muesli

Lunch: vegetable lasagne; roast vegetables all round; ham & cheese toastie; spaghetti bolognaise; Vegetable Tortellini

Dinner: chicken pad Thai; cottage pie; Mexican style slow cooked pork; Salmon Linguine; chicken parmigiana; lamb moussaka

Snacks: shortbread bites; chocolate pudding; choc chip bites; panna cotta ; sticky date pudding; melting moment

What does a healthy meal plan look like?

There is every chance your Jenny Craig healthy meal plan will transform the way you think about eating. The idea of healthy food as bland, tasteless or dry can be discarded once Jenny Craig meals are introduced into your weight loss plan. Friends and family members will look on jealousy as you enjoy personalised meal choices that satisfy every weight loss goal, including delivery of appropriate vitamins, minerals and other health-giving properties. We believe in structured eating supported by individual taste preferences, and even accommodate the occasional diversion for dining out or celebratory festivities. It’s important not to be too hard on yourself while dieting, particularly when supported by Jenny Craig Consultants who help you remain on track to reach target weight.

Are ready-to-eat meals healthy?

Ready-to-eat meals are healthy and nutritious when prepared by qualified chefs and designed by dietitians. Our systems have been continually refined for decades, resulting in superior food preparation and storage solutions. The menus are purposely formulated to create meals that introduce three healthy weight loss essentials: balance, variety and moderation.

Jenny Craig ready-to-eat delivery meals are created using pro-active diet solutions, including:

  • The best scientific evidence available for healthy eating
  • Appropriate balance of carbohydrates, protein and beneficial fats
  • Foods that are low in saturated fat
  • Individually tailored healthy meal plans that satisfy weight loss targets.

Additionally, your menu choices can be combined with familiar fruits, vegetables and other grocery items for a perfectly well formulated diet. If you are tired of unsuccessful dieting, inconsistent results, and misinformation provided by ‘so-called’ experts, it’s time to call on a professional, compassionate and caring Jenny Craig Consultant for assistance and get your healthy weight loss meals delivered for a progressive and satisfying weight loss journey.

On Rapid Results Max, Members lost an average of 6 kgs in the first 4 weeks!#