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  • oat cookie with dried fruits and nuts on a white saucer on top of a pink napkin

    Baked Oat Breakfast Cookie

    Size 45g | 203 cal | 851 Kj

    A golden rolled oat cookie with sweet cranberries, shredded coconut & pumpkin seeds.

  • Raspberry Cacao Crunch

    Size 45g | 204 cal | 856kJ

    Oven baked clusters of oats, seeds & cacao, with sliced almonds and crumbled raspberries.

  • Plated omelette with side of mushrooms and cherry tomatoes

    Tomato & Basil Omelette

    Size 110g | 180 cal | 750kJ

    A whole egg omelette with tomato, mozzarella cheese, spinach and a hint of basil.

  • Bowl of porridge topped with fruit and nuts

    Roasted Hazelnut & Cinnamon Porridge

    Size 50g | 204 cal | 854kJ

    A delicious creamy porridge with hazelnut, almond and hint of cinnamon.

  • Maple Cashew Cereal | Jenny Craig

    Salted Maple & Cashew Granola

    Size 45g | 196 cal | 819kJ

    Crispy clusters of oats combined with seeds, cashews and puffed rice with a hint of salted maple.

  • Apple Cluster | Weight Loss Programs

    Apple Cinnamon Oat Clusters

    Size 50g | 200 cal | 838kJ

    Crunchy oat clusters with dried apple, pecans, pumpkin seeds and a hint of cinnamon.

  • Two onion fritters served on a plate with a side salad

    Caramelised Onion Fritters

    Size 100g | 207 cal | 865kJ

    Fluffy egg fritters with onion, spinach and parmesan.

  • Banana Bread

    Size 70g | 206 cal | 863kJ

    A delicious wholemeal banana bread with a hint of cinnamon.

  • Bowl of cereal topped with raspberries and blueberries

    Flakes & Fibre Cereal

    Size 50g | 181 cal | 759kJ

    A blend of bran flakes, blackcurrant and honey coated wheat flakes, honey puffed wheat and bran sticks.

  • Apple and berry breakfast topped with oats

    Apple & Berry Brekkie Cup

    Size 110g | 204 cal | 856kJ

    A wholesome muffin with an apple and berry compote, topped with oats and sunflower seeds

  • Bowl of cranberry and vanilla muesli topped with cut strawberries

    Cranberry & Vanilla Muesli

    Size 50g | 205 cal | 860kJ

    Toasted muesli with juicy cranberries, wheat flakes, sultanas, sunflower seeds and a delicious vanilla flavour.

  • Jenny Craig's Nut Grain Chew snack bar

    Nut & Grain Chew

    Size 45g | 206 cal | 863kJ

    A chewy breakfast bar with a blend of peanuts, grains, sunflower seeds and honey.

  • Wholemeal Pancakes

    Size 52g | 217 cal | 909kJ

    Golden brown light and fluffy pancakes made with wholemeal flour.

  • Bowl of Jenny Craig's Toasted Berry Muesli topped with blueberries

    Toasted Berry Muesli

    Size 50g | 193 cal | 805kJ

    Toasted muesli and oat clusters with the goodness of cranberries, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

  • Jenny Craig Oat and Apricot Bar plated with fruit and yoghurt

    Oat & Apricot Bar

    Size 57g | 202 cal | 847kJ

    A wholesome combination of rolled oats, rice crisps, dried fruit and seeds

  • White bowl of cereal topped with blueberries and raspberries

    Malty Grain

    Size 45g | 176 cal | 738kJ

    A delicious crunchy breakfast cereal packed with mixed grains.

  • Bowl of hazelnut and almond cereal

    Hazelnut & Almond Cereal

    Size 45g | 180 cal | 750kJ

    A light and crispy breakfast cereal with the goodness of nuts and flaked coconut.

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  • Jenny Craig Mexican Style Pulled Pork

    Mexican-Style Pulled Pork

    Size 200g | 233 cal | 975 Kj

    Slow cooked pork in a mild chipotle sauce, with colourful brown rice and black beans.

  • Moroccan Grain Salad

    Size 190g | 256 cal | 1070kJ

    A Moroccan-style salad with lentils, couscous and freekeh in a mildly spiced orange dressing.

  • Sweet Potato Frittata with a side salad

    Sweet Potato Frittata

    Size 120g | 218 cal | 911kJ

    A whole egg frittata with sweet potato, caramelised onion and cheese.

  • Bean & Cheese Burrito

    Size 100g | 201 cal | 842kJ

    A mildly spiced mix of pinto beans, cheese and rice wrapped in a tortilla.

  • Plated Oriental Pork Bun cut in half

    Oriental Pork Bun

    Size 120g | 261 cal | 1090kJ

    A soft fluffy bun filled with tender pork in an Asian-inspired sauce.

  • Potato Tuna Bake

    Size 225g | 248 cal | 1030kJ

    Layers of potato topped with a tuna, sweetcorn, spinach and creamy cheese sauce.

  • Bowl of pasta salad

    Pesto Pasta Salad

    Size 200g | 238 cal | 996kJ

    Al dente penne pasta with basil pesto, semi dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese.

  • Ricotta & Pumpkin Ravioli

    Size 225g | 227 cal | 954kJ

    Ravioli filled with ricotta cheese and pumpkin in a sage and butter flavour sauce.

  • Bowl of pumpkin soup on a wooden board

    Pumpkin Soup

    Size 25g | 90 cal | 376kJ

    A classic homestyle soup.

  • Beef sausage roll on a wooden board with tomato sauce

    Beef Sausage Roll

    Size 140g | 258 cal | 1080kJ

    Golden pastry filled with seasoned beef and vegetables.

  • Roasted Veggie All Round packed with roasted vegetables and tasty cheddar cheese

    Roasted Veggie All Round

    Size 120g | 251 cal | 1050kJ

    Multigrain bread filled with tender roasted vegetables and tasty cheddar cheese.

  • Jenny Craig's Vege Tortellini served in a bowl and garnished with basil

    Vegetable Tortellini

    Size 225g | 236 cal | 988kJ

    Al dente vegetable filled pasta in a delicious tomato sauce, finished with a light sprinkling of parmesean cheese.

  • Jenny Craig's Spinach and Fetta roll served on a plat with salad

    Spinach & Fetta Roll

    Size 100g | 200 cal | 837kJ

    Light puff pastry filled with spinach and fetta cheese.

  • Beef Pie

    Size 150g | 256 cal | 1070kJ

    A seasoned lean beef filling surrounded by thin, crisp golden pastry.

  • Plated ham and cheese toastie cut in half

    Ham & Cheese Toastie

    Size 120g | 248 cal | 1040kJ

    A ham and melted cheese toastie, seasoned with cracked black pepper.

  • Jenny Craig's Spaghetti Bolognaise served in a bowl

    Spaghetti Bolognaise

    Size 200g | 216 cal | 908kJ

    Spaghetti in a traditional bolognaise sauce

  • Plated cheesy baked potato

    Cheesy Baked Potato

    Size 200g | 213 cal | 896kJ

    Half a baked potato topped with a creamy cheese and broccoli sauce.

  • Plated serving of winter vegetable lasagne

    Vegetable Lasagne

    Size 200g | 222 cal | 930kJ

    Layers of pasta, rich tomato and spinach, topped with a cheesy béchamel sauce

  • Bowl of creamy vegetable soup on a wooden board with a spoon

    Creamy Vegetable Soup

    Size 250mL | 94 cal | 394kJ

    A delicious creamy vegetable soup.

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  • plate of meat with red sauce, sweet potato mash and peas

    Lamb Rissoles & Sweet Potato Mash

    Size 300g | 312 cal | 1299 Kj

    Tender lamb rissoles in a rich tomato and herb sauce, served with sweet potato mash and peas.

  • bowl of soup with spoon and white napkin

    Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup

    Size 430g | 194 cal | 812 Kj

    A wholesome soup with tender chicken and sweetcorn.

  • Chicken Katsu Curry

    Size 300g | 333 cal | 1390 Kj

    Crumbed chicken with a Japanese-style curry sauce, served with seaweed-seasoned brown rice, carrots and edamame beans.

  • Jenny Craig Pumpkin Kale Risotto

    Pumpkin & Kale Risotto

    Size 270g | 335 cal | 1400 Kj

    A brown rice risotto with pumpkin, kale, parmesan cheese and a hint of sage.

  • Jenny Craig Chicken Burger

    Chicken Burger

    Size 150g | 366 cal | 1530 Kj

    A sesame seed topped golden bun with a crumbed chicken patty and ranch sauce.

  • Thai Fish Cakes

    Size 260g | 326 cal 1370Kj

    Authentic Thai-style fishcakes served with spinach & cauliflower rice, with a hint of coconut.

  • Gnocchi in Napoli Sauce

    Size 300g | 324 cal | 1350kJ

    Potato gnocchi in Napoli sauce with sweet potato, topped with parmesan and cheddar cheese.

  • Leek and Cheese Quiche garnished with cherry tomatoes

    Leek & Cheese Quiche

    Size 150g | 299 cal | 1250kJ

    A delicious combination of cheese and leek in a fluffy whole egg filling, encased in shortcrust pastry.

  • Pepperoni Pizza

    Size 160g | 344 cal | 1440kJ

    Sliced pepperoni with mozzarella cheese on a golden pita base.

  • Roast Pork

    Size 300g | 267 cal | 1120kJ

    Tender slices of roast pork served with mashed potato, carrots, chunky apple sauce, topped with gravy.

  • Baked meal in an oven tray with side salsa

    Mexican-Style Veggie Stack

    Size 312g | 312 cal | 1310kJ

    Layers of pasta with mildly spiced vegetables, beans, tomato sauce and sour cream, topped with cheese.

  • Beef Burger

    Size 170g | 338 cal | 1420kJ

    A sesame seed topped golden bun with a lean beef patty and a sweet tomato relish.

  • Healthy meatballs and vegetables to lose weight

    Meatballs & Vegetables

    Size 300g | 297 cal | 1250kJ

    Tender meatballs in a Napoli sauce, served with roasted potatoes and vegetables.

  • Plate with chicken parmigiana with sides of peas and wedges

    Chicken Parmigiana

    Size 300g | 366 cal | 1530kJ

    A classic chicken parma with Napoli sauce and cheese, served with roasted potatoes and green peas.

  • Macaroni pasta coated in a creamy cheese sauce with broccoli, cauliflower and a parmesan crust.

    Macaroni & Cheese

    Size 300g | 288 cal | 1200kJ

    Macaroni pasta coated in a creamy cheese sauce with broccoli, cauliflower and a parmesan crust.

  • Jenny Craig Butter Chicken with rice

    Butter Chicken

    Size 300g | 354 cal | 1480kJ

    Tender Chicken in a rich butter chicken sauce with pilau rice.

  • Bowl of chunky vegetable soup garnished with basil

    Chunky Vegetable Soup

    Size 330g | 294 cal | 1240kJ

    A hearty blend of mixed vegetables and chickpeas in a mild tomato soup.

  • Plated Beef Pastie with a side of vegetables

    Beef Pastie

    Size 160g | 316 cal | 1320kJ

    Lean beef and vegetables, encased in a golden puff pastry.

  • Bowl of chicken satay with white rice

    Chicken Satay

    Size 280g | 370 cal | 1540kJ

    Tender chicken in a mild peanut sauce, served with long grain rice.

  • Jenny Craig's Cottage Pie in a bowl

    Cottage Pie

    Size 280g | 339 cal | 1408kJ

    A traditional cottage pie made with tender beef and vegetables, topped with creamy potato mash.

  • Plated Jenny Craig meal of roast chicken with gravy and vegetables

    Roast Chicken & Vegetables

    Size 330g | 317cal | 1320kJ

    Succulent slices of roast chicken served with roasted potatoes, vegetables and stuffing, topped with gravy.

  • Crumbed Fish served with wedges and a side salad

    Crumbed Fish & Wedges

    Size 200g | 348 cal | 1450kJ

    Succulent crumbed fish with chunky seasoned potato wedges.

  • Layered beef lasagna

    Beef Lasagne

    Size 350g | 333 cal | 1400kJ

    Lean beef and rich tomatoes topped with a creamy béchamel sauce.

  • Pasta bowl with fettuccine and chicken

    Chicken Fettuccine

    Size 250g | 333 cal | 1400kJ

    Fettuccine pasta tossed with chicken, in a light cream sauce and topped with parmesan cheese.

  • Spinach and ricotta cannelloni topped with basil garnish

    Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni

    Size 360g | 346 cal | 1460kJ

    Cannelloni pasta filled with creamy ricotta and spinach, topped with an Italian-style Napoli sauce.

  • Jenny Craig's Tikka Masala served with rice

    Vegetable Tikka Masala with Paneer Cheese

    Size 300g | 333 cal | 1390kJ

    A mildly spiced vegetable curry with paneer cheese, served with basmati rice.

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  • plate of cheese flavoured wavey chips

    Cheesy Flavoured Multigrain Waves

    Size 25g | 125 cal | 524 Kj

    Wholegrain chips with a light dusting of cheesy flavoured seasoning.

  • Soy crisps dusted with a savoury seasoning

    Savoury Soy Snack

    Size 25g | 123 cal | 515kJ

    Crunchy bite size soy crisps, dusted with a savoury seasoning.

  • crumbled pastry in a pink bowl with a side of sliced apples

    Apple & Rhubarb Crumble

    Size 80g | 121 cal | 505kJ

    Tender pieces of apple and rhubarb topped with a golden crumble.

  • Chocolate Mousse

    Size 22g | 101 cal | 422kJ

    A delightfully light and creamy chocolate treat.

  • Salsa Curls

    Size 25g | 127 cal | 530kJ

    A crunchy and tangy savoury snack made with chickpeas.

  • Small bowl of nuts and cranberries

    Nut & Cranberry Mix

    Size 25g | 144 cal | 603kJ

    A blend of roasted nuts and dried cranberries.

  • Bowl piled high with popcorn and a glass of water

    Sweet & Salty Popcorn

    Size 30g | 139 cal | 582kJ

    Air popped Popcorn, lightly dusted with sugar and salt.

  • Melting Moment

    Size 21g | 113 cal | 473kJ

    Soft and crumbly, a real treat to eat.

  • Glass bowl with butterscotch sundae

    Butterscotch Sundae

    Size 67g | 114 cal | 480kJ

    Creamy butterscotch flavoured low fat ice cream with a sweet caramel ripple.

  • Jenny Craig's Trio Space Snack Mix in a bowl

    Trio Spice Snack Mix

    Size 30g | 165 cal | 690kJ

    A lightly spiced mix of peanuts and noodles.

  • Jenny Craig's Salted Caramel Nut Car served on a plat with blueberries and raspberries

    Salted Caramel Nut Bar

    Size 30g | 154 cal | 643kJ

    A chewy choc nut bar with a salted caramel kick.

  • Bowl of Oregano and Thyme Crunchies

    Oregano & Thyme Crunchies

    Size 25g | 125 cal | 523kJ

    A pumpkin, potato and rice snack with a herbalicious dusting of oregano and thyme seasoning.

  • Jenny Craig's white chocolate and cranberry biscuit

    White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie

    Size 30g | 135 cal | 567kJ

    An indulgent biscuit with white chocolate chips and sweet cranberries.

  • Bowl of vegetable crisps

    Light & Tangy Veggie Crisps

    Size 30g | 113 cal | 473kJ

    Crunchy vegetable crisps with a light & tangy seasoning.

  • Jenny Craig's Sticky Date pudding served on a plate with strawberries

    Sticky Date Pudding

    Size 70g | 147 cal | 617kJ

    A decadent sticky date pudding in a rich caramel sauce.

  • Plate of chocolate chip bites with a coffee

    Choc Chip Bites

    Size 30g | 140 cal | 585kJ

    Bite size cookies with chunks of rich chocolate.

  • Jenny Craig's Chocolate Pudding plated with raspberries

    Chocolate Pudding

    Size 80g | 169 cal | 709kJ

    A delicious pudding with a rich chocolate sauce.

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